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MPX Series (180W~260W) MODEL MPX Series (180W~260W)
1. Outstanding Acid / Alkaline Resisting Capability
    The material of pump body has four kinds to choose from, including PP(Polypropylene), GFRPP(Glass
    Fiber Filled Polypropylene), PVDF(Natural PVDF), CFRETFE(Carbon Fiber Filled ETFE). Correct choice of
    pump body material depends on acid / alkaline density of solution. To satisfied the market demand,
    zi yi was the pioneer to provide PP pump material for enhancing the capability of acid resistance.The
    PP / GFRPP material can resist temperature up to 75℃. The PVDF material can resist temperature up
    to 90℃. The CFRETFE material can resist temperature up to100℃. In application almost all solutions
    can be transferred with safety.

2. Corrosion Resisting
    The major parts of the pump feature outstanding corrosion-resist capability. For example the pump
    spindle can be made from ceramic and SIC. The ceramic spindle is generally applied for low corrosion
    liquid. The SIC spindle is excellent for high corrosion liquid.

3. Sealless and No Leakage
    Eliminate the mechanical shaft seal design on the conventional pump, the high performance magnetic
    drive pump features complete seal. It fully eliminates the problem of environmental pollution due to
    pump damage.

4. Easy to Assemble
    The internal parts of a magnetic drive sealless pump are fully standard for easy assembling
    completely constructed with high performance. Parts replacement is easy to made without need to of
    any specially tool. It features convenient maintenance, dismantling and inspection for time saving

5. Maximum Durability
    The MPX series(180W~260W) pump motor is equipped with temperature protection device which
    avoids motor damaged due to high temperature caused by overload.

6. Versatile Applications
    The magnetic drive sealless pump MPX(180W~260W) series is ideal for low capacity with high head
    or high capacity with low head applications. It is widely applied in various industrial process.
    Such as PCB process, chemical industry, circulated filtering, etching, plating, surface treatment
    , polluted water treatment, etc. these pumps assure outstanding performance and maximum